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The influence of base paper quality of non-carbon carbon paper

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The influence of base paper quality of non-carbon carbon paper

Dates:2017-01-04 Author:Bai Ying editor Click:

Abstract: there are many factors affecting the quality of non-carbon carbon paper, this paper mainly from the Angle of base paper production, analyzed the base paper factors no carbon carbon paper color, warp, etc. And will be imported base paper with domestic base paper on the quality of the non-carbon carbon paper.
Key words: base paper, No carbon carbon paper; Quality; impact
No carbon carbon paper also known as the force sensitive carbon paper, pressure-sensitive paper or NCR paper, was founded in 1954 by the NCR (National Cash Register company invention, after decades of continuous development and improvement, the current production technology already quite mature. No carbon carbon paper is a kind of coated paper. No carbon carbon paper because it is not need to join the wars between paper and paper paper, can be directly copying, direct the function of color and has the characteristics of pollution is small, easy to use, it is more and more widely used.
No carbon carbon paper production line in our country since introduced the first time in 1984, now has more than 40 production lines, annual output of more than 240000 t. Domestic demand for years without carbon carbon paper also has reached 20 ~ 250000 t, than doubled in the last few years, a better quality of products the manufacturer has been in short supply situation. This article carries on the analysis from the aspects of production of non-carbon carbon paper base paper, base paper factors impact on the quality of non-carbon carbon paper products.
The basic characteristic of the 1 no carbon carbon paper
No carbon carbon paper from the aspects of color, color can be divided into it (Contained) and the color is also called SC paper (Self Contained) two kinds, one with the most color no carbon carbon paper for it. From the aspects of the color of color, can be divided into black, blue, red, purple, etc., with most of which are in black and blue. From the aspects of structure, can be divided into the page or on the CB Paper (Coated Back Paper), the page or CFB Paper (Coated Front & Back Paper) and bottom Paper or CF Paper (Coated Front Paper). From the aspects of variety, can be divided into flat paper and roll paper. From the aspects of appearance, can be divided into white, red, yellow, blue, green, etc. No carbon carbon paper with union composed of page on paper and bottom paper, to get more the number of copies, just in between pages and on the next page paper on insert in the number of pages.
Two factors influencing the quality of non-carbon carbon paper
To evaluate the quality of the non-carbon carbon paper performance indicators are mainly: (1) definition of multigang autotype (the most intuitive); (2) color sensitivity; (3) color rendering speed; (4) light fastness; (5) polluting, (6) warp; (7) appearance, etc. There are many factors which can affect their performance, this article only discuss base paper performance impact on the quality of non-carbon carbon paper.
2.1 the influence of base paper uniformity
Uniformity of base paper refers to the vertical and horizontal upward quantitative, thickness, moisture and fibre degree of uniformity and smoothness. Base paper uniformity is good or bad will directly affect the non-carbon carbon coating process and the quality of the products, poor homogeneity of base paper, will cause uneven coating weight after coating, drying, deformation, ultimately affect the use of the product. So poor uniformity of base paper production of non-carbon carbon paper most with sheet, not in order to reel paper products for sale. The current domestic evaluation no carbon carbon paper product quality (high or low), is the most intuitive appearance quality of coated paper, USES the import (refer to Japanese Hokkaido or big showa) or a few domestic manufacturers such as crown dragon, shouguang, Jin Huacheng production base paper coated products, used to think that it is a high grade product, domestic other paper for low-grade of coated paper, this is because the import original uniformity than homebred base paper (except for the crown dragon, shouguang, Jin Huacheng) good (see chart 1). Comprehensive evaluation of course no carbon carbon paper quality of the products in addition to the base paper factors, must also consider the coating technology of software and hardware.

No carbon carbon paper manufacturers

For no carbon carbon paper production base paper quantitative majority in 35 ~ 80 g/m2, thickness range between 45 and 100 microns, the use of base paper quantitative is 40 g/m2. Quantitative and thickness of base paper has direct influence to the color, the same quantitative different thickness of base paper, the same number of color effect is different. Such as 40 g/m2 of homebred base paper (with the exception of zhanjiang corythosaurus, suzhou Jin Huacheng, shandong shouguang) the thickness of the common thicker than the 40 g/m2 of base paper imported from Japan by 10% ~ 15%, so in the case of the same amount of coating, homebred base paper production of non-carbon carbon paper multigang color effect than the same quantitative imported base paper production.
The effects of 2.2 base paper porosity
Some people think that for no carbon carbon paper base paper porosity in 100 ~ 150 ml/min to suit, but in fact, the porosity in 100 ~ 150 ml/min range of base paper, especially the domestic low base paper, to solve the warp quality because of the one-side coated paper disease is very difficult, some manufacturers have to adopt the way of coating or coating on the back water to solve, some manufacturer due to the deficiency of the coating machine, not directly on the coating increases with water and coating equipment, had to take coating way to deal with. Any good quality base paper, such as A "king paper" said the Japanese Hokkaido paper or shandong shouguang, zhanjiang corythosaurus paper, its porosity basically in the range of 200 ~ 400 ml/min, single-sided coating does not require special back after coating processing (coating or coating water), just in the coating surface spray A small amount of steam can meet the requirements of warp quality indicator (national standard A, etc.). In actual production, the porosity in 350 ~ 550 ml/min base paper, its besmear after page also no adverse effects (such as coating on both sides of infiltration and the color, dry not equal), high porosity of base paper on coated paper warp quality of paper is helpful to solve.
2.3 contractility of base paper and the influence of the hole
For no carbon carbon paper production base paper expansion rate of general requirement is not more than 3.0%, cannot exist holes. Excessive expansion rate of base paper except on coated paper after processing may be difficult, will also affect the use of the final product, such as printed ShangXiaLian form dislocation, etc. Also theoretically, the expansion rate of paper is too large, coating and drying will cause the damage of coating especially microcapsules coating, drying shrinkage internal stress can cause some microcapsules shift burst, colorless dye and hair color. But in the actual production the quality of the color paper disease due to this situation. For no carbon carbon paper production base paper, pinhole is not allowed to exist, but in fact there are a lot of pinhole in the coating base paper, coated after didn't find these pinhole will penetrate into the coating, influence the quality of our products and it could be a base paper production after surface sizing, pinhole by rubber cover. Of course used for production of base paper most avoid is no carbon carbon paper there is coating base hole, the existence of holes will make the paint color through the hole to the other side of the paper. The rough statistics, a bundle of 40 g/m2 base paper (10000 ~ 12000 m length) if there are holes, then the bundle of paper coated paper, causing the loss of greater than 0.20%. The base paper hole, the greater the damage from the coating.
2.4 the influence of base paper surface strength and ash content
No carbon carbon paper out powder dropping in addition to the associated with the paint recipe, and coating base paper surface strength and ash content has a direct relationship. Under the same coating formula, high strength and low ash content of base paper surface coating off powder after dropping phenomenon and high surface strength and low ash content is not the same as the base paper is obvious. The former drop off less powder wool phenomenon, the latter powder dropping phenomenon is serious, base paper and coated paper surface strength is usually measured in the size of the roughcast speed. Import original (Japan) hair speed in the range of 2.08 ~ 2.61 m/s, ash content at about 5%, domestic base paper (excluding corythosaurus, shouguang, etc.) of roughcast speed in the range of 1.06 ~ 1.20 m/s, ash content at about 10%, coated paper (CF) after hair speed were 1.29 ~ 1.61 m/s and 0.61 ~ 0.84 m/s. To improve domestic base paper out powder out hair after coating, usually increase the amount of binder in the coating formula, but the increase of dosage of adhesive is bound to affect the non-carbon carbon paper color effect. So for no carbon carbon paper production of base paper should use as far as possible high surface strength and low ash content of the base paper.
2.5 the effect of base paper smoothness
The discretion of the base paper smoothness, will directly affect the quality of the product, affect the printing products. For coating machine with the influence of the calender equipment is greater. High smoothness of the base paper, smoothness is high after coating products, adaptability to the printing. Such as smoothness than 50 s and less than 30 s of the base paper, coated CF and calender smoothness can be improved by more than 50%, but with CB (not by calender machine), after the former smoothness in 16 ~ 19 s, the latter's smoothness in 9 ~ 12 s, feel is obvious. Smoothness low base paper, coated paint after poor uniformity of distribution in the paper, coated products color density is low. In addition, the smoothness of low product, surface roughness, the friction resistance is poorer, the product more easily produce pollution. General requirements in the production of non-carbon carbon paper base paper smoothness positive should be greater than 50 s, are contrast is not greater than 20%.
2.6 base paper sizing degree and the influence of the water
Base paper sizing degree is closely related to water imbibition, base paper sizing degree is high, low water absorption, low base paper sizing degree, high water absorption. Usually used for carbon carbon coating base paper, sizing degree requirements in 1.0 ~ 2.0 mm (marking method), water imbibition in 15 ~ 20 g/m2 (Cobb60), imported base paper sizing degree is in commonly 2.0 mm, water imbibition around 16 g/m2, so after coating coated quantity relatively moderate; And domestic low base paper sizing degree of basic around 1.0 mm, water imbibition is greater than 20 g/m2. Sizing degree is low, the water imbibition big base paper, the volume of coating of coated paper is easy to deformation after coating cost is higher also, pollution is more serious.
2.7 base paper tensile strength and the effect of pH value
Have longitudinal and transverse tensile strength of base paper, dry wet tensile strength and tensile strength. Base paper tensile strength, especially the longitudinal tensile strength, the main impact of non-carbon carbon paper coating, high tensile strength of the base paper coated loss less, on the contrary, coating large losses. Commonly used in production of non-carbon carbon paper base paper dry tensile strength requirement is not less than 2.0 kN/m, wet tensile strength for dry tensile strength of 8% ~ 10%.
Best in neutral pH, base paper surface pH is low the surface of the paper, paper brittle, easy to return to yellow; Also because the capsule of the microcapsule wall not absolutely no permeability, low pH paper, colored dye penetrant out blue phenomenon happens.
2.8 the influence of base paper firmness
Base paper the firmness of main influence coating of coated paper. Elastic is not consistent with the paper, the degree of the side of the feeding difficulties, will cause the whole feeding non-uniformity, produce discoloration (production) in color paper, serious when still can cause part position can't feeding, cause leakage. Leakage coating for no carbon carbon paper is a serious disease, the quality of the paper is not allowed. So no carbon carbon coating base paper requirements for the whole of the elastic should be consistent.
Source: China packaging network at http://news.pack.cn
Disclaimer: this article is a spinning, reproduced the purpose is to deliver more information only. If you think our reprint violated the Copyright Act or harm the interests of you, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will deal with it in the first place.





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